Podcast: Radical Theory of Democracy. A Perspective to Understand the Contestations of Gender Rights

Global Contestations of Womens’s and Gender Rights Podcast “Whose Rights, Which Rights?”, episode 9. Talking with Livia de Souza Lima and Katharina Ussling about radical democratic theory and feminist scholarship.
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Listen to “Episode 9: Radical Theory of Democracy: A Perspective to Understand the Contestations of Gender Rights” on Spreaker.

Herrenhäuser Talks by NDR Kultur Radio and Volkswagen Foundation: Cancel Culture – Danger to freedom of expression or legitimate protest?

In German. Debate with Thea Dorn, Susanne Schröter, Lars Distelhorst, and myself, moderation by Ulrich Kühn (NDR Kultur)

Radio broadcast at NDR Kultur

Radio broadcast/lecture: Radical Democratic Cultural Politics. Cancel Culture as Democratization

In German. Kulturradio IG Kultur Österreich / Universität Wien, Conference “Konfliktuelle Kulturpolitik: Räume und Akteur*innen (radikal)demokratischer Auseinandersetzung”

Radio broadcast of my lecture

Lecture: Identity politics in the digital constellation

Series “Utopia of a gender-equitable digital world in the digital space” of the Equal Opportunities Council FB 01 of Goethe University Frankfurt
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Discussion on discrimination and devaluation - On the limits of freedom of debate and art

DGB-Bildungswerk Thüringen e.V., debate between Dr. Regula Venske, former president of PEN, and me
Link zum Video
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Radio interview on PrEP as democratic biopolitics

Radio Corax, 8/19/2021
https://radiocorax.de/prep-als-demokratische-biopolitik/ http://www.freie-radios.net/mp3/20210819-prepalsdemok-110712.mp3
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Panel discussion on identity politics and freedom of art at the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft

“Cancel Culture. Identity Politics(s) as a Threat to Freedom of Art?”
With Maryam Aras, Matthias Wagner K and Anke von Heyl
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Conversation with “Die Debatte” on the methods of political theory and ‘cancel culture’

Die Debatte, Instagram Live Talk, www.die-debatte.org, German

Video on ‘Cancel Culture’

This is Germany, by Candice Breitz + Reinhard Spieler
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Panel “Social Theory in Pandemic Times”, Paper on Democratic and Populist Biopolitics

University of Warwick, Social Theory Center
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Panel PrEP & Masculine Subjectivities, Paper on PrEP and Biopolitics

The Democratic Biopolitics of PrEP
3.9.2020, Viral Masculinities Conference, University of Exeter
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In the eyes of the virus (not) all are equal - Corona as (in)equalizer

14.8.2020, Kampnagel Hamburg, International Summerfestival 2020 - Pandemic Talk Series: Panel discussion with Paula-Irene Villa Braslavsky, Sabine Hark, and Karsten Schubert Post about the event

Democratic and Populist Biopolitics in the Corona Crisis

07/2020, Centre Marc Bloch Berlin
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Podcast: ‘Political Correctness’ as Privilege Criticism

04/2020, Podcast by Campusgrün Freiburg in the series ‘Campusnews’, 23.04.2020 https://anchor.fm/campusgrn-freiburg/episodes/Folge-03---Political-Correctness-als-Sklavenmoral--Mit-Politikwissenschaftler-Karsten-Schubert-ed5au1
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PrEP changes Sex. Gay Subjectivity, Biopolitics, and Democracy

02/2020, Keynote/Queer Lecture in the taz Haus Berlin
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Foucault’s Freedom as Critique: Against Anarchist Readings – for an Institutional Approach

10/2019, Paper at Sciences Po Paris, Conference Foucault franco-allemand, (organised by CEVIPOF, l’Ecole docorale de Sciences po and Centre Michel Foucault)
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Radio Interview about ‘Political Correctness’

10/2019, Radio interview at Uni-Cross FM Freiburg about ‘Political Correctness’. The interview was conducted by Gregor Lischka.

Soundbites Video: Slave Morality and ‘Political Correctness’ - Left-Nietzschean Critique of a Right-Nietzschean Concept of Struggle

Salzburg, Practical Philosophy Conference, 19-09-26

PrEP as Democratic Biopolitics. How Pharmaceutical Technology Liberates Gay Sex

Soundbites of the lecture at the HIV in Dialogue Congress 2019, Rotes Rathaus Berlin, 30.08.2019

You can find the article “The Democratic Biopolitics of PrEP” in the publications section.

Slave Morality and Political Correctness. Left-Nietzschean Critique of a Right-Nietzschean Concept

04/2019, University of Salzburg, lecture at the Junge Forum Rechtsphilosophie, “The crisis of the democratic constitutional state in the 21st century”.

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Institutionalizing Freedom. Law thought with Foucault

03/2019, University of Vienna, Conference: Institutions of the Political. Theory and Criticism

Radio interview on social credit systems

12/2018, for SWR, produced by Uni-Radio Freiburg

Interview with Prof. Susanne Krasmann about Foucault and political theory

11/2016, University of Vienna, in the context of the conference Foucault revisited

Interview with Prof. Philipp Sarasin about Foucault and political theory

11/2016, University of Vienna, in the context of the conference Foucault revisited

Interview in “Electric Reporter” (ZDFinfo)

05/2013, on the emancipation potential of gay geodating apps for the majority society

in the first partial contribution, from approx. 03:00min

E-Learning lectures “Introduction to Political Theory”

Produced at the Institute for Political Science of the University of Duisburg-Essen
Based on lecture scripts by Prof. Dr. Renate Martinsen; reviewed, slightly revised/updated and read by Dr. Karsten Schubert

Karl Marx: Materialistic Theory of History and Society, Part 1

Karl Marx: Materialistic Theory of History and Society, Part 2

Classical social contract theories: Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau

Niklas Luhmann - System Theoretical Control Skepticism

“Governance” - the removal of internal boundaries of governance

Democratic governance?