In the Verfassungsblog I analyze the controversy about “Cancel Culture” and freedom of art from a democratic and legal theoretical point of view. The argument: “Cancel Culture” does not mean the disintegration of democracy, but is necessary for its more complete realization. The article differentiates the meaningful use of the right to freedom of art and freedom of speech from its abuse by the conservative project, and for that end distinguishes the non-state, para-state and state levels of these freedoms.

Long version to be published soon

The blog article is based on the essay “Umkämpfte Kunstfreiheit - ein Differenzierungsvorschlag”, which appears in the zeitschrift für menschenrechte 2/2020, p. 95-104.


Schubert, Karsten (2020): Demokratisierung durch „Cancel Culture“: Zum Verhältnis von Kunstfreiheit und Emanzipation, VerfBlog, 2020/12/03,

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