Today, the first English-language review of my book ‘Freedom as Critique. Social Philosophy After Foucault’ (Freiheit als Kritik. Sozialphilosophie nach Foucault) was published in Foucault Studies. I am very happy that the detailed review finally makes the book known to the English-speaking world and of course about the praise of the reviewer Jonas Lang:

Everyone interested in Foucault, the contestation of modern universality by “postmodern” philosophy or contemporary political theory in general - preferably all of these topics - will benefit immensely from Schubert’s insights.

Here is the link to the review in Foucault Studies.

Here is the monograph ‘Freedom as Critique’.

And here there is the article “Freedom as Critique. Foucault Beyond Anarchism” published in Philosophy & Social Critism, which contains selected arguments of the monograph in English.

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