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In cooperation with the Colloquium politicum, the Chair of Political Theory cordially invites you to a series of lectures and workshops on the dissolution of the liberal consensus. In this series, organized by Karsten Schubert and Hannah Riede, we will examine current crises in democracy and the rule of law from the perspective of critical legal theory. Please share!

Under the title Die Demo als Revolte Dr. Tim Wihl (FU Berlin) will sound out in his evening lecture how demonstrations can lead to social upheavals. Monday, 15.07.19, 18 o’clock c.t., HS 1119, KG I

What makes a demonstration? Their demarcation from revolution or rebellion seems clear at first glance. Is a demonstration simply a collective expression of opinion? In the lecture, the phenomenon of the demo will be classified against the background of democratic theory, human rights and newer revolutionary theory. Tim Wihl shows that demos can be symbols of countervailing power that fuel plebeian or populist revolts.

In the Workshop on Tuesday, 16.07., 10-13h we have the opportunity for intensive discussions on a part of his current book project. The unpublished text presents a theory of rights as critique. So we will discuss how rights can be used for socially critical projects and how they themselves are the result of resistance and revolts. Please register for the workshop at

Dr. Tim Wihl:

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