On September 25th and 26th you can discuss biopolitics and corona with me in four 30-minute talks at the Market for Useful Knowledge & Non-Knowledge @ Kampnagel Hamburg. All guests can choose from all the parallel running conversations and listen to them via audio transmission. I am very much looking forward to this exciting format in good company - with Christian Drosten, Svenja Ahlhaus and Eva von Redecker also taking part.

About Life and Death: Why Biopolitics is Important now

Excerpt from the program The concept of biopolitics by the philosopher Michel Foucaults shows how closely modern governmental techniques are interwoven with decisions about life and death - and thus provides an important analytical tool for understanding what happened and policies were pursued during the corona pandemic. Karsten Schubert explains the term and designs a democratic biopolitics in which the focus is not on repression but on the subjects’ power to act.
DR. KARSTEN SCHUBERT is a political scientist and explains the concept of biopolitics and why it is an important analytical tool during corona times.

General Info about the Event from Kampnagel

How long does it take to develop a vaccine? What is relevant? Who cares? These and many other (bio-)political, philosophical, disciplinary, ethical and metaphorical questions concerning medicine have moved into the focus of attention since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The Market for Usefull Knowledge and Non-Knowledge is a format in which different narratives of knowledge will be presented by about 74 experts, researchers, observers, practitioners and patients, who share their knowledge, their stories, their experiences in one-on-one conversations with the audience.

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